Focus on high-end accessories10years
specialtyDispensing valve nozzle,Firing pin ,Precision machinery partsProcessing plant
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Product field
According to customer demand customization/drawing to sample processing
4reasons to choose us
Focus on processing production as one of the manufacturers, precision hardware CNC machining and non-standard custom processing
Craftsman spirit, excellence
Company founder engaged in precision machining for more than 20 years,
With more than 10 technicians engaged in precision machining for more than 20 years,
Provide free technical advice and technical exchange.
Customer first, intimate service
1 year 365 days, 1 day 24 hours online to provide you with quotes, inquiries,
Multi-variety and small-batch corresponding system, 1 can also be processed,
Round, square, shaped, it all works。
Efficient production, fast delivery
3~7 days for proofing, 7~10 days for batch delivery,
Use domestic and international well-known logistics such as SF Express, DHL, UPS, etc,
Quality is life, product is character
70% of new customers come from old customers.
In China for you to produce Japanese quality precision mechanical workpiece,
Can correspond to Chinese/Japanese/English multilingual drawings.
Quality guarantee
No bad production, no bad outflow, all products are 100% fully inspected and shipped
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The common witness of customers in multi-industry application fields
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Years of focus on precision machining, to provide Japanese, German quality products
ZHUHAI QIMAO METAL PRODUCT CO.,LTD.was established in 2012, located in the beautiful coastal city of Zhuhai.

Our company has been committed to all kinds of automobiles/new energy vehicles, scooters, electric motorcycles and automobiles and other high-end accessories, wear hardware products, plastic products and consumer electronic products independent research and development, production and sales, and get the unanimous praise of customers.

The company has more than 3000 square production plants, there are from Japan and Taiwan CNC machining center, drilling and tapping center 26, 10 automatic CNC lathes, 4 machines, 6 domestic punching machine, precision internal and external grinding machine 1, a variety of machining equipment 18. Quality department has 2, 3, CCD detector, ROHS instrument and other testing equipment 10 sets.